Retro Day.

Posted On February 14, 2010

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My little brother had “Retro Day” at school last week, so we got busy. We found him a brand spanking old jersey at our local thrift store. (Anyone want to venture a guess how many people have sweat into that awesome thing? Sick.) We were at a loss about the shorts though. What to do?

I found one of those awesome plastic tableclothes with the cottony stuff on the back in gold. About 45 minutes after cutting into it, voila. Ridiculous shorts.

Happy Retro Day!


2 Responses to “Retro Day.”

  1. ishabelle

    i really find your blog very cute, and because of that, im giving you this award.. i hope you enjoy it… happy valentine’s day… 🙂

  2. formalsandmore

    Love those shorts!! Bravo to the young man who wore them!!

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