Fabric High Chair.

Posted On February 25, 2010

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(I love these days where we don’t have anywhere to be all morning long so we both hang around the house with messy hair in our jammies).

I whipped up this fun little fabric high chair, after being inspired by Jessica’s version, loving Jill’s fabric, and taking notes from Carrie’s tutorial, I tried my hand at my own version. I followed Carrie’s dimensions, but decided to use my serger rather than mess with quilting the batting to one side and topstitching yada yada… I LOVE the way it turned out with the serging edge (I pop 2 spools of Wooly Nylon brand thread into the blue and red and change the stitch length so that the stitch is really dense. Don’t bother with anything besides Wooly Nylon brand).

Once it was made, the next step was to see if it actually worked with baby inserted. I am happy to report that The Gril stayed put for pictures, then to get her finger and toenails clipped AND to get her toenails painted a fun bright pink. Her toes haven’t been painted in 2 months or so and her fingernails were long overdue for a trim since she is go go go all day long and she doesn’t love sitting still for the tast. I’d say this contraption is a 10, even if I only use it for grooming her =]

This one’s going to grandma’s house since there’s no high chair there, but I think I will make #2 to keep at our place too since I love it so much!


4 Responses to “Fabric High Chair.”

  1. Naomi

    Ok that is awesome! It took me awhile to understand how it worked lol I must have one….now just got to learn how to sew well.

  2. Jessica

    isn’t it the coolest little contraption? I should try painting sadie’s nails…i don’t know if she’d be up for sitting still that long though. do tell your secrets! 🙂

  3. briannajenkins

    The only secrets I have include distraction and food. Usually both. =]

  4. briannajenkins

    Oh yeah- and I don’t worry about it getting on the skin around the nails, since the very next tub she takes it flakes right off. 1 coat is plenty on tiny nails, so it works out great!

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