Posted On February 26, 2010

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Friends. It’s just one project after another around here! (Don’t be fooled… these projects have all been sitting around my house, patiently waiting for their day in the spotlight. Consequently, both my sewing machine and serger have been sitting in the kitchen and not with the table the belong on in my bedroom for… actually I’ve lost track of how long. Mr. Jenkins, like the projects, has been very patient.)

This quilt just got machine quilted, and I did it myself! BIG thank you to Randi over at I Have To Say. She is hosting a quilt along and I have been waiting for this week’s tutorial before I got started! It was a new venture, for sure. I did a meandering pattern in the middle, and a loopty loop type thing on the border. The border doesn’t have a start/stop point (mostly luck) and I’m pretty happy about that. I did the middle first, but after I did the border I wished that I had done the whole thing in loopty loops. Don’t you hate that? Live and learn I guess. The reason I liked the loops is that it was FAST and my stitches are way more even and happy than the meandering.

Now I just need to cut and attach the binding. The worst part, no? It will be worth it though… one more project down (and I won’t disclose how many more to go =] )


3 Responses to “Quilted.”

  1. mallorymurray

    That quilt is beautiful! Fantastic job!

  2. Jessica

    LOVE this quilt…such cute fabric. and your quilting looks so much more even than mine! I still have a lot of practicing with free motion. 🙂

  3. briannajenkins

    Thanks ladies! I assure you I picked the very best spot to take a picture of =] Not all of it turned out as well as I would have liked. I am sure there will be more in the future!

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