Posted On March 2, 2010

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Have you had the pleasure of sewing on patches to a scout uniform? I’m a newbie, but my mom’s a pro. I thought I would pass along her tips in case any of you out there will have need of them any time soon.

First, you should know that my mom is a pro because she has done this thing a few times. I’ve got 2 brothers, with a cub scout and boy scout uniform each. Then there’s dad, and I believe he’s got 5? 6? uniforms of his own. That is a loooooot of patches.

Here’s the way to do it. Do NOT proceed without invisible thread. It’s plasticy and slippery, but those patches are slippery too when you start trying to sew. The invisible thread will make sure that your slippery stitches don’t show up. Next, pass on the pins. Grab your stapler and staple those suckers down where they belong. Sew carefully, then pull the staples out when you’re done. It’s a bit of a wrestle, but doable. Good luck!


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