Thread Dilema.

Posted On March 2, 2010

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Oh thread. I pulled out my boxes of sewing things today looking for one specific color, and I was a little bit surprised how many spools I found. So I am needing a little help… how can I organize my thread in a way that keeps it out of reach from little hands, is easy to get to, and easy to see what I already have? (To eliminate the double buying of scout pant green). There’s got to be a better way that jumbled up in a shoe box, buried deep in my closet, right??


5 Responses to “Thread Dilema.”

  1. Naomi

    I once saw that someone had a shelf on the wall with all the thread. It was the perfect size for each spool. It was super cute and a nice piece of art. Not sure where she got it or if she made it. But Kris can prolly make something up for you.

  2. SewDucky

    If you don’t want a wall hanger, then load them into shoe boxes by color (red, blue, green, basics of black and whites, etc.) label them and keep in a closet.

    I have all mine on an old coffee mug tree where I changed out the hooks for dowels. Not pretty, does the trick. I’ve also seen spools lining the doorways to sewing rooms (which is good if you have a few doors).

  3. Sarah

    My grandma always had hers organized well…she would take a big piece of flat lumber (just a sheet of whatever my grandpa had lying around) and hammered nails into it at an angle. The spools fit right on the nails and if they are at an angle they don’t fall off. Inexpensive and portable. And you can group them by color so they are easy to find 🙂

  4. jmjens

    I keep mine in a clear plastic bin, but I have the same problem with buying multiples… I’ve also seen a wall-hanging rack with short pieces of dowel to hold individual spools. Not sure how to describe it, but I think you can probably find a picture online. And I like the idea of shelves. Maybe the kind of shelves that you can put shot glasses or stamps on? That would be super-cute and (I’m guessing) easy to make! Or you might even be able to find something like that at DI or a garage sale.

  5. briannajenkins

    Thanks girls!!
    I have a little closet where I keep all of my sewing supplies, and I had never even thought about mounting on the wall in there! DUH! I will have to post the results when I am through =]

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