Tips for painting little girl piggies.

Posted On March 3, 2010

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{First, let me just qualify this post by telling you that we aren’t die hard nail painters… Abby’s had her nails painted only a few times but here’s what we’ve figured out about it.}

Step one.  Strap your sweet girl into some kind of contraption which offers the 2 most important features: a harness of some kind, and a distraction of some kind. At our house the highchair works well. Because of the tray, it’s harder for her to see what’s going on with her toes (which makes her less likely to want to get involved) and there’s food involved for her to keep her attention focused on.

Step two. Act Fast. You’ve got a limited window of time here… use it well. Get your supplies ready before you put your girl into your preferred spot.

Step three. Don’t worry about those spots you will inevitably get on the skin around the nail. This isn’t a professional pedicure… it’s going to be a little messy! Good news is that you only need one coat on those tiny little nails, so get in and get out. Focus on keeping your sweeping motions nice and smooth over the nail.

Step four. Blow! Make it a game. Get some giggles. =]

Step five. When it’s dry (like, 30 seconds maybe. It’s pretty quick on such tiny spots) just flake off those spots where you went off the nail. If they don’t come off easily, just wait until the next bath time. Then it should come off no problem!

Done and done!


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