A new toy.

Posted On March 4, 2010

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Well, I’ve been working on the project for nearly a year now. By “working” I really mean that it’s been sitting in a special spot, waiting to be finished. Which it still isn’t. But almost! It still needs a finished edge around the bottom, and probably a pad that goes on the inside to keep the walls fluffed out (which the pattern calls for, which I didn’t believe that I needed. Now I’m thinking that it probably does need it). It’s not shown here because I cut it off in the picture, but it hangs from the ceiling. Except, it doesn’t yet… in this picture my tall tall husband is holding it up from the inside. I think I might make one of those skinny, wavy flags to attach to the top, just for that little extra touch.

You would not believe how much the whole thing cost… I got the (really nice, dry clean only satin) for a whopping $1.50 a yard. I think the whole shebang cost around $15. I didn’t want it to have rough edges on the inside (since all the playing happens in there!) so I did french seams (fancy!) and I love how they turned out. It’s heavy and solid and silky and shiny and wonderful! (Or else it will be when it is finished!) I think for the pad I will either use the green satin, or maybe do red to match a red flag, or maybe get a fun print. I think if I did a fat red and white stripe in an upholstery weight it might look a little more circus tent than tent tent, especially with the flag. It’s hard to know when you’re deep in the trenches of making it.

What do you think? Does it need the pad to fluff out the edges? What color/print? Flag? No flag?


5 Responses to “A new toy.”

  1. Naomi

    That is absolutely adorable! You should make them and sell on your etsy….especially for how cheap you got the fabric for.

    • briannajenkins

      I thought about it, but it took a really long time to put together… definitely a labor of love! I would have to sell them for quite a bit to make it worth my while.

  2. Jessica

    how fun!! I know what you mean about a labor of love. People kept asking me about making those little couch slipcovers, and it would just take too much time. Time away from Sadie, and my own crafty time! (which is precious) 🙂 I can’t wait for our blogs next week. I think I came up with a fun idea, not too original, but cute nonetheless.

    • briannajenkins

      I have been thinking about your cute little couch all day… where did you find the actual couch? And how much fabric did it take?

    • briannajenkins

      Oh yeah- I think I came up with something too… mine’s not all that original either! Hopefully it will work though. Maybe I will tackle it when Abby goes down for her next sleep. I will have to shoot you an email so we don’t give it away! =]

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