Posted On March 4, 2010

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Today The Gril got her first (hopefully only!) set of tubes.

This family is no stranger to tubes. I believe that 5/7 of Mr. Jenkins’ siblings have had 2 sets each. One of my brothers has had 2 sets, and the other has had 7. The cute nurse at our ENT told me that we really should have compared family histories before Mr. Jenkins passed over the ring =]

The whole experience wasn’t bad at all, but I know that she is still uncomfortable. We had to have her fasting this morning which made for a grumpy girl. It was all pretty normal- just paperwork, then waiting in the pre-op rooms. In pre-op, they gave her this little pink shirt to wear through the procedure and then home. The Gril wanted to be on the big fancy bed and then off again right away, and she passed some of the time “reading.”

The anesthesiologist came and took her back, and she hardly made a peep. We made sure to bring her little Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to carry back with her, so she was happy with that. From there I just spent some time in the waiting room until she was done. The only thing I didn’t expect was that when she was all finished and they called me back to the recovery area, she was a little loopy… so sad! She was trying so hard to use her hands and they just wouldn’t cooperate. Poor thing. I usually do really well when she gets shots, and I was doing really well the whole time. It just makes your heart hurt a little for them. We are hoping that the tubes will get rid of the pain she is having from ear infections, and a by product is that her speech should start coming along a little faster as well. After we left the surgical center, we went straight to our ENT’s office for the post op. Good news! Everything looks great!

So we’ve been taking it easy since we’ve gotten home and we are excited for her daddy to come home to take care of her too.

Great job, Gril! You are so sweet and I hope you start feeling better soon!


3 Responses to “Tubes.”

  1. Sara Holmes

    I didn’t know she was getting tubes. Hannah was scheduled for today too, but we had to postpone it since she’s had a cough since we got back. She is my first child to have so many ear infections, so I’m new to all this. Glad it all went okay, if you have any pointers for me feel free to share.

  2. Naomi

    I didn’t know that she was getting tubes. I figured she would hav eto get them sometime. Poor thing…hopefully you can stay away from the doc for sick visits now.

    • briannajenkins

      That’s the idea… If nothing else when she does get one, it will drain out of her ear and we can treat with drops rather than oral antibiotics.

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