Posted On March 5, 2010

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Despite the snow, I am feeling very blessed today. Our tax return plopped its lovely self into my bank account today, The Gril is doing great and is pretty much back to her lovely hilarious self (aside from when we have to do ear drops… no fun!), and I just got some GREAT news about a prescription I have to fill for the post-ear-surgery recovery. The nice nurse who did our pre-op yesterday warned us that the drops The Gril needs are rather pricey… to the tune of $125! Ouch. So she gave us a small sample bottle to get us through the day, as well as a rebate for $15 to help with the cost a little. I was DREADING calling our insurance to see how much they would cover, but after biting the bullet and looking at my bank account this morning I decided that the groove was good today and I should just call. So I did, and I found out that I only have to pay 25%! AND I still have the $15 rebate. I am so relieved! I love me some comparison shopping, so filling prescriptions at pharmacies seriously hurt my head. I feel SO out of control of what I will end up paying. Now I can go to the pharmacy and keep a smile on my face the. whole. time.

I love you Friday!


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