Prom 2010.

Posted On March 14, 2010

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(Sorry for the sub par photo… I am not a photographer!) This is a mock up dress for my cute friend Lindsie… she’s got prom in about a month! We are going to make it out of a nice heavy blue satin with some jewels right where the bow comes together in the middle, and maybe a slightly lighter color blue on the undersides of the ties. The final version will also be a bit more full through the bottom, and will sport a tulle underskirt to help it keep it’s shape. The pattern is Simplicity 2444 and calls for a knee length finish, so the bottom has been an experiment thus far. The sleeves will also be a little shorter once they are finished. It will also be fully lined, which the pattern doesn’t call for so we will have to figure that one out once we have all the fabric. I am liking the way it looks in muslin, so I think I will really like it once it’s satin!


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