Dress Progress.

Posted On March 23, 2010

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Dang. Another fuzzy picture taken too late at night.

(Image it on her, with the sides where the ties connect to the body following her curves, and not folding in towards the middle of the bodice)

See? I told you it was more of a peacock blue. I am sooooo loving the color. YUM. There are 30 YARDS of 18″ wide tulle under there, which I assure you was a TREAT to sew to the lining. I got clever and sewed the tulle to the inside part of the dress sandwich so there’s no itchy itchyness going on. Smooth like butter, I assure you. I will make sure that I get a decent picture of it on her with her hair all done up and all that jazz. It has been fun (and only a little stressful/frustrating) to see it all come together!

All together, there’s about 7 yards of taffeta, 6 yards of lining, and 3 10 yard lengths all working together to make 1 dress. Totally different from the 1-2 yard numbers I make for my tiny girl!


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