Posted On March 29, 2010

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Well friends, I’m back! I’ve been working/playing up in Idaho since Wednesday but now it’s home sweet home and back to some really exciting things I have cooking. Like cooking for instance: I’ve got grand plans for dinner all this week. Not usually my strong point, but I have a feeling this week will be a good one. There’s also some etsy and giveaway goodness coming up too. Fun!

While I was away I got to go to Grand Targhee for a couple of hours and do a little skiing with my uncle while The Gril hung out with my aunt in the kid’s club right there at the resort. Let’s pretend that I am an amazing skier, for in reality I am really really not. I was sore (super sore) for a good 3 days post my little jaunt down the mountain.

I also spent a few days in Idaho Falls helping my sister-in-law and her husband paint their living room, hallway, and main bathroom. After some ceiling paint color choosing issues we got down to work and were able to finish aside from a few minor touch ups here and there. It was a lot of work! I think I am ready for a vacation from my vacation… isn’t that how it always ends up? =] I can’t wait to own my own home so I can do a little painting of my own. Sigh. Someday!


3 Responses to “Workcation.”

  1. Kristen

    I want a house to paint too. Someday…

  2. Em Gibson

    I had a friend whose landlord let them paint their apartment, and even reimbursed them for the painting supplies. It just had to be a neutral tone. We tried to convince our landlord to do the same…or at least let us buy our own supplies and paint. No go.

  3. Sam

    I tried emailing you but it was returned. I need your address so that I can send you a big envelope of coupons… send me an email and I’ll get them to you this week. 🙂

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