Easter 2010.

Posted On April 4, 2010

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Why, yes! We did have a lovely Easter Sunday! Yesterday I finally decided that Abby must have an Easter dress for actual Easter and not the week after, so I took myself to the fabric store in between sessions of General Conference to pick up the fabric. Things got busy (while the boys went to the Priesthood Session my mom and sister and I went to dinner and did a little shopping) so I didn’t end up starting her dress until about 9:30 PM on Saturday. It’s a million times easier to sew while The Gril is asleep, so I just got on a roll and didn’t quit until about 3:30 AM when I finished it. Then I had to help the Easter Bunny out! I rolled into bed around 4 AM but it was so worth it!

I got the fabric at 40% off at a local quilting shop (they do a 1 yard minimum on their sale fabrics, which works out perfectly for toddler size dresses which usually take just over a yard). Between the fabric and the zipper, this dress cost about $9.00 to make. Sweet! It was a fairly detailed pattern, so it took longer than I expected it to, but I love the way that it turned out! These are the first sleeves I have put on one of her little dresses without an elastic bottom, so they had to be gathered and cased inside of bias tape. Between that little detailing, the ribbon on the front of the bodice (the pattern didn’t call for the pleating type thing, but I thought it would be more fun), and the gathered pockets, I think the extra time makes for some cute extra touches.

This morning we had to wake The Gril up at 9:45 so that she could do her Easter thing before we got too far into Conference. She was a little mystified by the whole thing, but she did enjoy finding treats all around! She got a tiny chocolate bunny, some peeps, and a little baseball type cap for wearing outside when we are out in the sun, plus the egg loot! She kept picking up one egg at a time, eating what was in it, and throwing it on the ground to find a new one. She learned how to shake it to find out if it was empty pretty quick… that’s my girl =]. We did get her to throw a few eggs in to the basket at one point, but she was much happier just holding them one at a time.

Of course, we had to stop by Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a delicious Easter dinner (Thanks mom!!) and some egg dying. We went with a tie die kit this year, and our eggs turned out pretty? In the eye of the beholder, I suppose!

What a lovely day it was… Holidays are getting more and more fun as our sweet girl figures more and more things out. I am really looking forward to Halloween and Christmas!


2 Responses to “Easter 2010.”

  1. Jessica

    I love her dress! So simple and sweet!! Happy Easter!

  2. Megan Abel

    your spawn is adorable.

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