Brand new.

Posted On April 8, 2010

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This pretty bunch arrived on my doorstep via Randi’s fabulous fabric shop yesterday (her shop is down right now due to lots of orders, but you are really going to want to go back and visit… her prices beat what I can find here in craft central, UT for these prints and she maintains a sale section!), and I am SO SO SO excited about it! The plan is for all of this to become the quilt down below in a twin size. I’ve got my special blanket I’ve been dragging around for nearly my whole life and Mr. Jenkins is getting a little tired of it. (It’s been worn down to the perfect weight and softness, you know what I mean?) I’m hoping that this pretty pretty fabric will help me better distance myself from the old model. No promises though. I may end up with 2 special blankets!

Click here to purchase your own copy of the pattern I will be using. Stay tuned!


One Response to “Brand new.”

  1. Jessica

    yummmm….can’t wait to see it!

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