The Gril at 18 months (minus a few days).

Posted On July 3, 2010

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We did some photos to document Abby at 18 monthsish. I think we got some cute ones, despite the fact that it was past her bedtime and she got a face full of wood chips after a too-big-for-her slide adventure. She took it like a man and went back to playing. =]

Nothing like finding “treasures” at the park =]


3 Responses to “The Gril at 18 months (minus a few days).”

  1. Sara

    Oh my gosh! She is sooo cute! She has so much hair- I’m jealous! My little girl still has boy hair! 🙂 What a cutie!

  2. Mika

    SO dang cute! She is looking more and more like you everyday!

  3. Anne

    She’s adorable and getting so big! I love the piggies and her pic at the top of the slide- what a sweet, serious face!

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