New family member coming soon(ish).

Posted On June 15, 2010

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Abby’s got a partner in crime coming on (but hopefully more like BEFORE) December 24, 2010!

The baby seems to be doing well, and Abby knows the word “baby” so we are all set!


I’ve been away at girl’s camp.

Posted On June 13, 2010

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It was such a lovely week at girl’s camp… we were at the Heber Valley Camp owned by the church, about an hour away from home.
Here are 4 of our lovely ladies getting ready for the zip line. So bummed I couldn’t go!

Meg is SO ready. It goes about 30 feet up, I believe.

Back at camp, waiting to be fed. So much delicious food at camp!

The lake day- here the girls are all headed out. I was not about to get in a canoe! I’m prone to tipping, and this was a fully clothed-no swimsuits-leech infested type deal. Pass on the canoe. I did end up hopping in a paddle boat with one of our girls though, and that was lovely.

View from the boat.

After my legs got tired (didn’t take long, especially since we had hiked a good bit the day before) I joined the girls in the sandbox. They think of everything up there!

This was attempt number 6. It was also the last.

My cute laurels! Love those girls!

This is why.

The end! (So happy to be home!)


Posted On February 12, 2010

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I just took this quiz, and my result was

Let’s say I was not surprised. =]

Jump on in.

Posted On January 29, 2010

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From our 3 year anniversary shoot.

Isn’t the first post on a shiny new blog the most awkward? Let’s just get it out of the way.

I’m BriAnna. I have about a bazillion hobbies that I chalk up to lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is the way I get my hobbies into the budget. Sneaky. Currently this includes sewing this that and the other thing (a quilt, baby dresses, and whatever else I feel like doing), workouts on an adult swimming league, and launching a new business while maintaining another.

I am fond of reality television and mint chocolate chip ice cream (Blue Bunny- with the big fat chips). I work with the 16-18 year old girls in my church, and I adore them. In college I studied Home and Family Living, with an emphasis in Interior Design. I also studied Floral Design, which I now use in my flower business. How much fun is it to put together bouquets and boutonnieres for weddings and other fabulous events?! I also teach piano lessons, which works out great because I get to keep The Gril with me all day every day.

That is a lot of sentences that start with “I” so we will leave it at that for now.