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Have you been reading Design Mom’s birth stories collected from around the blogosphere? I think they are beautiful.

The thing about having a baby is that so many people do it differently, but no one way is wrong. I read a lot of stories about women who had long long labors, and who had short ones. Everyone has a different shape and a different birth experience. Almost no use comparing them, but it’s so lovely to read about people’s experiences with such a wonderful time in life. Some of the stories will make you laugh, and some will make you cry.

My favorite part about the whole thing is that everyone gets to choose what their ideal is. You don’t always get your way, but you get to think about what is the best for you. I think that’s wonderful.



About half of my wardrobe is from DownEast. They have good good sales at the end of the season and a lot of their clothes fit me quite nicely.

I love them.

Here’s hoping I win this sweet DownEast Giveaway over at 30days!

My own giveaway!

For once I am posting about a giveaway that I’m not entering!

You can enter to win one of my earring holders over at Freebies2Deals! Be sure to enter the other fabulous giveaways that she is also hosting too! Hurry over, because the giveaway ends on Sunday, April 4th at 9:00PM and she will be picking the winners on Sunday night! There are 2 to be won, so maybe it will be you!

Good luck!


Posted On March 17, 2010

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Should I be reading your blog? Speak up now, because I would love to read about your lovely life!


Just ignore this post. Because The Dress-Up Drawer is doing a giveaway, and I really want to win! Seriously. Ignore this. =]